Metal Roof Mistakes To Avoid

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A metal roof can last a lifetime, which means it's a good investment for your home if the time has come to update your roofing. Although metal panels are durable, they can be victim to mistakes that shorten their lifespan. Knowing what these mistakes are can help you avoid them:

#1: Not sealing every cut

Most metal roofing panels come pre-painted with a durable finish in the color of choice. There will still end up being exposed metal by the end of installation, though. The issue is where panels are cut to fit the size and shape of your roof, as well as where screws are installed. Make sure your roofer repaints or seals every cut that exposes metal. Most metal roof suppliers will provide a touch up paint just for this purpose, or your roofer can use a clear sealer. Not only is this important to prevent rust and corrosion, leaving cut edges exposed could void the warranty on your roofing panels.

#2: Using the wrong fastening method

Metal panels are typically attached to wooden underlayment, which means that they expand at different rates in response to temperature changes. If your contractor uses normal roofing screws, they will slowly work loose and back out in response to these differing expansion cycles. A better option is to request galvanized hurricane screws. Since they are galvanized, you don't have to worry about rust or corrosion. Hurricane screws also lock into place, which means they won't loosen regardless of the how the underlayment swells compared to the metal panel.

#3: Using the wrong money saving tactics

It makes sense to look for a bargain seeing that a new roof is a pretty large investment. The problem is when the tactics used to save money also compromise quality. The most obvious is when you purchase roof panels from different color lots. Although they will look the same color in the warehouse, once on your roof the slight differences in shade will show up in a major way. Another bad tactic is to opt for a thinner gauge of metal panel, especially on larger roofs. The thin gauge metal will develop a wavy appearance in response to temperature fluctuations, especially if you live somewhere with a hot climate. Thicker metal is less likely to warp, regardless of how the temperature shifts, so it is a better option.

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20 July 2017

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