New To Owning A Wood Burning Fire Place? 4 Steps To Keeping It Maintained

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There is nothing like a roaring fire to add a cozy touch to your home on a chilly night. For many people, wood burning styles are the way to go for filling the senses with warmth and the sweet scent of burning wood. However, it is important to keep in mind that wood burning fire places do require some maintenance, so use these tips to keep everyone safe as they enjoy the fire this season.

Schedule Professional Inspections and Cleanings

It is important to make sure that your fire place is inspected at least once a year. Ideally, this should be done before you start it up for the season, and you should schedule an inspection anytime that something doesn't seem right such as excessive smoke coming into your home. During this inspection, you can also have your chimney cleaned so that it is ready for several months of heavy use.

Check the Interior For Nests and Build Up

There is a cap in your chimney that has mesh designed to keep animals out. However, it can become damaged or loose, which gives animals a way in. Check the cap regularly, and have it replaced if it is no longer functioning correctly. Then, keep an eye out for nests or other signs of animal activity that call for them to be removed before you start a fire.

Burn Clean Materials

You might have seen people toss all kinds of things on to a fire, but this will only increase how fast creosote and other materials build up inside your chimney. To prevent this, burn hardwoods such as maple or oak. You can also burn composition logs that produce fewer pollutants than natural wood. Never burn anything made from plastic or rubber since this releases toxins into the air and leaves residue in your fire place.

Remove Ash and Debris Regularly

Over time, ash and wood debris will accumulate in the bottom of your fire place, and this needs to be removed regularly. Once the ashes are cold, you can simply sweep them out into a can for disposal. Alternatively, you can vacuum them up if you prefer less mess.

Owning a home with a fire place gives you an instant way to warm up your house while also setting the perfect background for entertaining your family and friends. By making sure that it is cleaned and maintained, you can look forward to enjoying it for many seasons.


21 July 2017

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