Three Home Warranty Mistakes To Avoid

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When purchasing your first home, you want to make sure you are covered in case anything goes wrong. For many first time buyers, the initial costs of ownership — down payments, initial repairs, and moving expenses — leave the bank account a bit empty. Even a small repair can be stressful to cover until you have built your savings back up, which is why a home warranty can be a lifesaver. Just make sure you avoid the following mistakes so that your warranty truly benefits your situation.

#1: Not asking for a warranty

Many homes automatically come with warranties these days, so it can be easy to assume that yours does, too. The fact is that new homes are more likely to have builder warranties. In some cases, existing homes may have a warranty added on by the realtor or the owners in an attempt to entice buyers, but there is no guarantee. Ask about warranties before making an offer. If the home doesn't come with a warranty, you can try to add one onto the deal. Even if the owner isn't willing to pony up for the warranty, it is still worth it to get one on your own.

#2: Assuming a warranty replaces an inspection

No matter how comprehensive the home warranty, it doesn't replace a thorough home inspection. Warranties still usually come with deductibles or minor costs for repairs, so it's better to catch as many issues as possible while the seller is still responsible for financially covering the repair. Don't just settle for the cursory inspection required by some lenders. It makes good financial sense to pay for a full inspection that goes beyond the obvious to find any existing problems as well as pointing out any issues that could occur in the near future. In some cases, your warranty may only cover things if they were inspected before purchase, so that is yet another reason to pay for the full inspection.

#3: Ignoring the coverage list

Home warranties vary. Some only cover the house itself — for example, the roof, foundation, and masonry. Others cover things like electrical and plumbing. There are even warranties that cover major appliances, such as the HVAC system and the dishwasher. It's up to you to check to see what is covered. If a warranty is included with the purchase by the seller, but it doesn't offer the full coverage you want, you can usually pay to upgrade it to a more comprehensive policy. Just make sure you know the cost so you can figure it into your overall home budget before signing anything.

For more help in navigating this aspect of home ownership, contact a company that offers home warranties.


24 July 2017

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