Investing In Outdoor Gothic Lighting

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Having adequate light is important, especially when it comes to the safety and aesthetic of your home's landscape. The right outdoor lighting can enhance not only your ability to see during night hours, but lighting can also accentuate your home's architecture and serve as a reflection of your personal sense of style. Gothic lighting is a unique way to add elegance and intrigue to your home's exterior.

Here are three characteristics to be looking for when you want to invest in Gothic-style lights for your home's exterior in the future.

1. Wrought Iron Materials

The materials used to create Gothic-style lighting are reminiscent of the Victorian age, when Gothic style was in the height of fashion.

In order to ensure that your home's exterior reflects an authentic style as you invest in Gothic lighting, you should look for pieces that are made from wrought iron. Wrought iron is a durable material that can easily be bent and shaped into a variety of designs, making it the perfect foundation for outdoor lighting in the Gothic style.

2. Ornamental Design

Gothic architecture is very ornamental in nature, and the light fixtures associated with this style reflect this intricate and ornate imagery. As you are looking for Gothic-style light fixtures to install on your home's exterior, look for pieces that feature ornamental designs.

These designs could be stamped into the surface of the metal, or present themselves as intricate filigree work made from the metal material itself. Ornamental elements will lend your outdoor lighting an authentic Gothic feel.

3. Dark Colors

One of the easiest ways to determine if a light fixture could be categorized as Gothic is to look at the color palette used in the creation of the piece. Gothic architecture relied heavily on dark color palettes, and this preference for dark colors is reflected in the lighting options as well.

Gothic lights will often feature metal elements coated with a black enamel, dark wood features, and black wrought iron. Looking for these dark colors will help you identify Gothic-style fixtures when you are outfitting your home's exterior with new lighting in the future.

Adding Gothic-style lights to your home's exterior can provide a sense of grandeur and elegance to your property. Be sure that you are investing in quality pieces by looking for light fixtures made from wrought iron, fixtures that feature ornamental designs, and features that have a dark color palette.


25 July 2017

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