Proven Ways To Sell Your Home Quickly Without Spending Too Much

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When you are selling your home, you don't want it to sit on the market for too long. The longer the house is for sale, the less interest it can draw with new homes coming up for sale almost every day. When you want your home to sell quickly, you need to use some proven tactics that will grab potential buyers' attention without spending too much money on upgrades. Here are some proven ways you can use to help sell your home faster while keeping money in your pocket.

Declutter Your Entire Home

One of the best ways to make your home more appealing is to declutter the entire house – inside and outside. When you remove items you are no longer using or perhaps only use once in awhile it will make your home look bigger and more spacious. Decluttering your home does extend to your garage and yard as well. If you have lawn furniture you aren't using or is old, then either store it in a storage unit for the duration of the sale period or even donate it. Also, clean up bushes, trees and keep the grass cut neatly to up the curb appeal.

De-Personalize Your Home

You don't want potential buyers to get stuck on looking at your personal items and photographs and decide not to buy your home. When a home is too personal, with collectibles and family photos on the walls of the home, buyers are less likely to purchase it. It distracts from the layout and style of the home. De-personalize your home by removing collectibles and photographs from the entire house. It might seem counter-productive, but a home that looks more like a model home than one that is being lived in will sell much faster.

New Countertops

You might want to completely renovate your kitchen or bathrooms to entice buyers to purchase your home, but doing a complete renovation can be costly and time-consuming. It isn't necessary to take apart and rebuild your entire kitchen or bathroom, you can simply change your countertops to give your most lived in areas a brand new look. The hot trend is installing granite countertops since they are durable and look great against pretty much any type of cabinet. Companies like Alma Granite can help.

Shine it Up

Apart from keeping your home clean on a regular basis, you can make your home appear newer and even bigger by scrubbing your kitchen floors, cleaning your cabinets and putting away appliances in all rooms that you don't use on a regular basis. This will make your rooms appear bigger and let the main features of each room shine.  


31 July 2017

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