Kitchen Remodeling: Why Marble Countertops Could Be Right For You

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Remodeling your kitchen is sure to be exciting, but there are a lot of decisions that need to be made before you can create your dream food preparation space. Choosing the right countertops is just as important as designing the rest of the room, as they will be used on a daily basis and will have a major impact on the overall design of your kitchen. Here is why marble countertops may be right for your household:

Brighten Your Kitchen Up

Marble is very light in color, which makes it a perfect option if you want to optimize the brightness of your kitchen and create an uplifting ambiance overall. They'll contrast well with darker cabinets and floors, making it easy to maintain a luxurious look and feel that flows well together without putting too much emphasis on the dark materials in the room.

Save Money without Sacrificing Quality

Because marble is such an abundant resource, countertops made of the material tend to be less expensive than other types of natural stone materials. So, you should be able to save money up front on your countertop costs without having to settle for knockoffs. Forget about shopping for laminate options or settling for butcher block tops just because they're affordable. You can enjoy the high-end look and feel of real stone countertops at a low-end price that's within your budget.

Rely on Effective Heat Resistance

Because marble countertops are heat resistant, you don't have to worry about whether a hot pot that's put on the counter will leave a burn mark or otherwise harm the marble. There is no need to place pot holders or special trays on your counters when cooking, because your marble countertops should be able to take the heat without showing any signs of wear and tear afterward.

Never Replace Your Countertops Again

Marble countertops are durable and can hold up under heavy wear and tear, making them an excellent solution if you don't want to have to replace them again in your lifetime. With proper maintenance and care, you won't have to worry about your marble countertops breaking down enough to require a replacement. Of course, your counters will likely develop nicks and light stains over time, but overall they'll hold up to your household's lifestyle and provide an impressive and comfortable environment to spend time in.

With these thoughts in mind, it's worth considering outfitting your new kitchen with marble countertops instead of other types of stone or man-made options that might be on the market today.


15 November 2017

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