Four Things That Are Totally Wrong With Your Cabinets And How To Fix Them

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There are those who DIY stuff and do it right. Then there are those who DIY everything in the most wrong ways possible. When your self-done kitchen remodel looks bad, you need to fix it so that you have a very nice-looking kitchen again. Here are four things that are usually and utterly wrong with bad kitchen cabinets and how to fix them.

The Hinges Are Installed Backwards

If you can see most of the hinges on your cabinets on the outside of your cabinets, these were all installed incorrectly. The backbone of the hinge, which are the interlocking cylinders and hinge pins, should be inside the cabinet. To fix this, and provide your cabinets with greater range of motion, unscrew the hinges and turn them so that the spines of the hinges face inward. Now, screw them back in. 

The Wood Is Splitting

Wood in kitchen cabinets should not split. If your cabinets clearly have some splitting issues, they were constructed improperly, they were made from warped boards, or they were made from leftover scraps of wood. The type of cabinet repair here requires that you replace these cabinets entirely with new doors. A kitchen refacing might be your best option, since all of the doors will then look the same.

There Are Too Many Layers of Paint

Painting cabinets requires a certain talent and a spray paint gun with the right type of paint. You shouldn't use just any old brush and whatever paint you had leftover after painting the walls (this amateur paint job will be really obvious to anyone). You could try to strip the cabinets, but if there are more than three layers of brushed-on paint on the cabinets, that is far too much labor. Renovate your kitchen to save money on labor costs.

The Wood Is Rotting

Whether it is dry rot or wet rot, you do not want either in your kitchen. Both cannot be repaired in any sense that would restore your cabinets to their former glory. The dry rot can spread to other cabinets, and the wet rot will warp the boards so badly that they will turn to an earthy-smelling pile of mush after some time. You will need to remove all the dry rot with chemicals, dry out and remove the wet boards, and then replace everything that was affected by either kind of rot.

In order to get a professional remodel, the best idea is to hire a professional company, like Becnel Kitchen and Bath.


29 January 2018

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