3 Park Model Considerations

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You may have admired little "tiny homes" in the area only to discover that they're in fact recreational vehicles. Park model recreational vehicles are a few hundred square feet, similar to other RVs, but look less like vehicles and more like houses. Park models can work out as a temporary or vacation home because they're so affordable; you can even rent a spot inside RV parks instead of needing an entire lot. However, to fully realize a trouble-free, cheap, beautiful existence in your park model vehicle, consider these ideas.

1. Don't Go Overboard

Once you start seeing all the layouts and features that are available, you may feel tempted to get far more than you expected at first. You may revise your idea of a park model when you see the recessed lighting, ceiling fans and other features you could have. However, it's now that you need to be judicious about your choices. Overspending or overdoing features you don't really need can not only affect your bank account but can also affect how much is left over for parking spot rental or vehicle maintenance down the line.

2. Consider Needs

If you're going to have kids or relatives staying over with you in the park model, you should explore types with lofts or defined bedrooms so that everyone can have privacy. If you're the only person who plans to be there most of the time, you might prefer larger kitchens or sitting areas. 

3. Consider Location

You may be so eager to get a park model that you figure you'll worry about getting your parking spot or location later. However, your vehicle's location will have a lot to do with your enjoyment of the tiny home. You may want to pay more for your spot so you can rely on a RV park that has security personnel or cameras, for example. You may want a park model to be nearer to the beach, but if you can only find spots that aren't much closer than your home, plans may change. Having a definite home for your park model RV before you find the precise model you'll buy might be the smart play.

Whenever these RV issues are sorted, your park model should be sitting there whenever you're ready to enjoy it. Discussing these models with family and retailers will clarify your wants and secure you a tiny home you can remain happy about. For more information, check out a website like http://www.azresorthomes.com.


22 July 2018

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