Service Contracts To Consider When You Buy A Home

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With home ownership can come expenses associated with keeping your property maintained and in good repair. To keep your home in good repair, it is necessary to get on any problems as they occur and not defer them for another time. When you have a service agreement contract for areas of your home that are prone to problems, this can help alleviate the cost and provide a trained technician to quickly come and repair the problem. Here are two types of service contract agreements that can help you out when you buy your next home.

Plumbing Services

It is essential to keep your home plumbing working and flowing well. When you rinse off your dishes in the kitchen sink, you don't want a clog to prevent the water from draining through the exit pipe. And, when you flush a toilet, you don't want raw sewage coming up into your home's basement drain. And if your hot water heater breaks, you need to be able to have it repaired as soon as possible: cold showers are never a pleasant experience.

A plumbing service agreement can give you access to annual plumbing inspections and to clean out your pipes of any clogs or buildup that can cause slow flowing drains. Your professional plumber can use a pipe snake or water jet to clean out your sewer lines. And your plumber can use a camera to visually inspect the interior of your pipe for any pipe damage. When your home experiences a plumbing leak, a plumber can come repair it as soon as possible.

HVAC Contract

Your home's HVAC system can include a heating system and also a cooling system, often combined into one component. And when either your home's heat or cooling breaks down, it can create a dangerous situation that can put you and your family members at risk from the extreme temperatures.

A service contract provides tune-ups to clean and check the coils, fans, compressor, motor, and other running components. This makes sure they continue to run well and allows a professional to look for any potential problems to repair them before they cause a breakdown.

Purchasing a HVAC service contract not only provides annual tune-ups to each of your HVAC components, but it also puts you at a priority if your system breaks and you need it repaired. Instead of waiting for several days to a week to have your air conditioner repaired in the heat of summer, when you have a service contract, you are considered VIP and at put at the top of the repair list ahead of customers who do not have priority.


19 October 2018

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