4 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe During A Hurricane

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Hurricanes are terrible natural disasters that can devastate everything in their path. Unfortunately, sometimes what's in their path is your home! While you can't completely eliminate the risk of a hurricane, you can do your best to prepare for one. Here are four tips to help you keep your home safe during a hurricane:

1. Take patio furniture inside.

Hurricanes feature winds that blow at over 74 miles per hour. At that speed, wind can pick up unsecured items and hurl them as projectiles. This can cause serious damage to your home or even your neighbors' homes. Prevent this kind of damage by bringing all your patio furniture inside at the first sign of a hurricane warning. Although your outdoor furniture may be a nuisance in your house, it's better to be safe than sorry.

2. Board up your windows.

If a projectile hits your window during a hurricane, it can shatter. This leaves your home open to extreme wind and rain conditions, and the broken glass itself is hazardous. Avoid this situation by boarding your windows up ahead of time. For best results, use plywood to secure your windows. If you're concerned about damage from screwing plywood into your window frames, rest assured that spackling paste can cover up any unsightly screw holes.

3. Waterproof your home.

Strong winds are a real concern during a hurricane, but they aren't the only danger. Hurricanes can bring torrential downpours which can cause severe flooding. If water gets into your house, it can damage your floors, walls, and belongings. Protect your house by waterproofing your home and basement ahead of time. A basement waterproofing expert can test your basement's foundation to make sure it's intact. They'll also check your house's windows to make sure that they seal well and won't let water in. Depending on their findings, your waterproof expert may need to dig around your house to install better drainage, according to Angie's List

4. Make sure your gutters are clear.

All the rain from the hurricane has to go somewhere, and it's better that it runs off than that it gets backed up in your house's gutters. Before a hurricane, check your gutters to make sure they're clear. This can save you the hassle of having to deal with more flooding in your yard.

Hurricane season comes around every year, and it's best to be prepared. These are a few easy steps you can take to protect your home from hurricane damage. Remember to always stay inside and stay safe during major weather events. Talk to companies like Safe-Way Waterproofing to learn more.


4 December 2018

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