Why Organic Lawns Are Easier To Maintain

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You might think that you're just doing the environment a favor, but having an organic lawn is not only great for the environment, but can also be easier and less expensive.

Use Native Plants

The first step is to use grass that is native to your area. Whenever you try to grow anything that isn't native to your climate, it will take more effort to keep the plant alive. It may require more fertilizer and you may need pest control methods to combat pests that your non-native lawn is not hardy against. Not only that, but an organic lawn is also safer because you don't have to worry about the effects of lawn chemicals.

Grow Your Grass Taller

One way to make your lawn easier to care for is to allow the grass to grow taller. Property owners often think that cutting the grass as short as possible will help keep it healthier, but the opposite is true. When grass is taller, it is more resilient. Weeds have a harder time growing when tall grass blocks out access to sunlight. You won't have to rely on herbicides to suppress crabgrass.

Nurture Healthy Soil

When your soil is healthy, it is naturally better able to protect the lawn from pests and provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs. If you aren't sure about whether your soil is healthy or not, perform a soil test. Once you know about the state of your soil, you may incorporate the nutrients necessary to keep your lawn healthy. 

Don't Forget Lesser Known Nutrients

The primary nutrients that any lawn needs to be healthy are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. However, those are not the only nutrients that will keep your lawn healthy. For example, your lawn might become low on calcium. Crushing eggshells and mixing them into the soil will keep your lawn healthy without filling it full of chemicals that may make your dog sick.

Use Natural Fertilizer

When you do fertilize your grass, use natural lawn fertilizers. Garden centers sell fertilizer made with seaweed, bone meal and feather meal. These ingredients will not only keep your plants healthy, but will also reduce the need to use other chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides. Healthier plants are more resistant to pests. While it may take more research to learn how to grow an organic lawn, once  you get it going, your lawn will be much easier to maintain. 


14 January 2019

Stepping into Greenhouse Gardening

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