How To Ensure That Your New Deck Is Pestproof

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If you want to start building your brand-new deck but worry about an infestation of bugs, then there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that termites and beetles do not destroy your deck before you can enjoy your first barbeque. Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

Choose Your Material Wisely

If you have always wanted the traditional wood deck, then you definitely need to choose your materials as wisely as possible or pests may soon make a home in your new construction. For example, termites are quite found of red oak, douglas fir, and spruce varieties of wood. Even if you add a nice protective coating to the surface, a sliver of exposed wood can make the perfect entry for the bugs and others. 

So, you want to go with a material that is naturally pest-resistant. Redwood and cedar are two common choices, and you can choose from an extremely hard wood like ipe. Cypress and eucalyptus are a few other pest-resistant woods, and they can add a unique appearance to your deck.

Keep in mind that if you want a more traditional wood deck, then you can opt for something like maple or oak. Just make sure that the wood is pressure-treated. 

Composite decking made from recycled pieces of wood and plastic is an option as well and is resistant to pests due to the inclusion of the plastic in the mix.

Make Sure The Deck Is Waterproof

Pests will typically infiltrate wood decks that have started to rot. Water is needed to create a rot situation that is susceptible to pests, and there are certain parts of the deck where water can easily soak into the wood. For example, while the outer surfaces of the deck may be protected by the pressure treatment or the waterproof coating, the inner portions of the wood may not be as protected. This means that water can seep around the attachments that you choose to build on the deck. If you decide to use regular wood screws, then make sure they are covered with caps to prevent water infiltration. 

Also, you want to add caps on your posts and on any crossbeams that may be exposed to the elements. Seams along the edges of your beams may need to be filled in as well.

If you want to know more about the best ways that you can build your dream deck and keep the structure free of pests at the same time, speak with a decking professional. 


26 February 2019

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