The Best Bathroom Flooring Options For Families

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Remodeling your bathroom is exciting, but you may be concerned about safety. This is especially true if you have young children that can easily slip and fall in the bathroom. Fortunately, there are many durable and attractive options that are also safe. The following guide can help you learn more about these options.

Porcelain tile

By far, one of the most popular options in bathrooms is porcelain tile, because it is durable and easy to clean. Unfortunately, it can also be a concern in homes with small children, due to slips and falls on the hard surface. One way to counteract these concerns is to choose the right tile. Opt for porcelain tiles that have a matte surface design, as opposed to a high gloss finish. Also, consider smaller tiles instead of large tiles. A matte surface, combined with increased grout lines, provides for more traction and cuts down on the chances of a slip.


There is a reason why vinyl flooring is still popular today. It's cost-effective, comes in every color and design imaginable, and it is durable. It is also easy to maintain. It's best benefit, especially in a house with small children, is that it is softer than other hard flooring options. Vinyl itself has more give than harder flooring options. There are also cushioned varieties, that are installed over a cushion layer that is more forgiving to the feet as well as to little ones that may fall down. One option is to install vinyl tiles instead of using sheet vinyl. The benefit is that you can replace a damaged tile instead of the whole floor, which can be a benefit if you have kids that may accidentally cut the floor with a toy or stain it with a craft supply.


The bathroom isn't a good place for wood, particularly in homes with children since splashing water can damage the hardwood. Laminate flooring is a better choice that provides the look of wood but the simplicity of care of vinyl tiles. Laminate flooring, much like vinyl, is also usually cushioned, making it softer in the event there is a fall. Plus, much like vinyl, you can replace damaged sections as opposed to having to replace the entire floor.

When remodeling the bathroom, you want to make choices that are attractive, safe, and durable. The above flooring options meet these needs while also providing a quality surface for your growing family. Contact your local bathroom remodeling professionals for more information and tips. 


29 April 2019

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