Will A Cat Effectively Control Mice?

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Mice are a common household pest -- especially if you live anywhere near a storm drain or have a wooded lot. Because they can be a chronic issue for some homes, a lot of people think that the best way to deal with mice is to get a cat.

But is that really your best option? Consider these facts:

1. Your main problem isn't the mice.

Mice are all around, but your real problem is actually tiny access points into your home. Mice can get through holes as small as a dime and often access a home through drains and other tiny holes in hidden places. A cat certainly won't solve stop the mice from coming in.

2. A cat can't go where the mice can hide.

Mice often build nests inside walls and in crawl spaces where a cat can't follow. Once the mice begin to die, some of those bodies are bound to be trapped behind your walls, decaying and creating odors. 

3. A single cat can't keep up with the mice.

A single pair of mice can produce up to 40 baby mice every year, so the number of mice on your property can grow exponentially over time. Even an energetic cat would have trouble keeping up with those kinds of numbers.

4. A cat can't stop the mice from damaging your property.

In fact, a cat may add to the damage in its pursuit of the mice. Mice use cardboard, insulation, and paper to build their nests, and they're known to chew through electrical wires right in the walls. If your cat is an aggressive mouser, the cat may try to follow behind the walls -- and that could be a real disaster!

5. A cat won't reduce the health risk to your family.

Mice can carry parasites and diseases with them. They also frequently contaminate the food in a house once they get in. On top of all that, your cat may get sick from eating a sick mouse -- which presents a whole new problem.

6. Not every cat is made to be a mouser.

Some cats are great at tracking and killing mice -- while others are simply too laid-back to care. You have no way of knowing whether your cat will actually pursue a mouse.

If you want a cat, get a cat -- but don't get one just to try to get rid of a chronic mouse problem. Residential pest control services are not only more effective at locating the access points the mice are coming through and closing them, but they're also safer for your family.


27 November 2019

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